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During a journey of a lifetime, stars crossed paths and sent me in an unexpected direction. Inspiration came and "Cobalt Flux" was born. The personal flow of creativity was forcing its existence and had to be acknowledged, addressed, introduced, confronted, and accepted. All my life I had composed, written, noted, deliberated, introspected upon a grand collection of creative work. I had some of it tucked away in childhood or teenage notebooks. Others were witty notes amassed on social media. More were letters between friends and family. Finally, actual writing projects accomplished for others, declarations, letters of support, character references. The words were normal everyday blocks of ideas. Normal to me because they had always flowed inside the deep cortex of my thoughts. It took awhile to realize that when I handed my words over to others to use in their defense, their comments were always exceptional and complimentary. It forced me to look back at my little self love notes, my vents of wrath on paper, and my letters to loved ones. Then the day came.....

I found the quote, read it, posted it, watched the comments, let it ruminate for years inside my subconscious. Literally, it created itself, in bud, it held tight for a long time. The letters to friends, the poems, the long thought out forms to explain everyday tasks and notions, they continued. Growing until it was just too much work to keep them held inside. A dear friend challenged me to collaborate and spill the juices of creativity all over any and every page that was near to me. I eat, sleep, breathe these words, they roll around in my head in whirlwinds of content and discontent, not letting me rest. They are my essence. I realized this is not writing. it is artistry. My canvas is many things, but what comes from my breath, from my flesh, from my essence is art.

As the universe would have it, there came the necessity to push the boundaries of my mother tongue, I started learning another language. It forced an education & mental shift into finding out more than what is said into what it really meant. My husband and I were trying to understand each other. His native Salvadorean and my library book Spanish were not syncing exactly. Everyday conversations sometimes lead to long drawn out research projects and with images congregated into collages, to get a better understanding. It becomes quite a comedy. So to share the word play, and the language discovery was a natural progression in my communicative artistry. Breath Flesh Essence highlights my English language original compositions. Aliento Carne Esencia is my translation project to try and share some of my not so sane thoughts with my better half and our newly combined families. It is love that motivates us to share it, with the hope that someone else can also grasp some of its intrinsic witty wordplay. We are driven to testing the bounds and barriers of this gift and passing it along.

Please, feel free to leave comments, concerns, ideas, or even constructive criticisms. These creative souls are open to growth.

Breath  Flesh  Essence


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