Friday, July 17, 2020

Who Am I?

I am a beautiful woman. I am becoming more beautiful every moment, constantly gaining health and
vitality. There is no other set of eyes like mine in the world. They have a beautiful mix of just the perfect shade of green and light brown that sparkle with the happiness that exudes from within me. They are clearly viewing information and interpreting the vistas that give me peace and balance within my life.

My body is strong, healthy and constantly is cleaning the toxins and poisons out and rebuilding it with newer healthier tissue. It is becoming an efficiently fueled mechanism that burns fat, builds muscle, and has the inner strength to endure. My heart is a strong, efficient, pumping organism that will last for a remarkably long time. My skin is firm, smooth, and supple, and is continually renewing itself to protect and beautify my body. My muscles are long, lean and strong. My body is flexible and has a dynamic vital energy, which gives me a happy, indomitable spirit. People are attracted to my exuberance for life and feel comfortable around me.

I have an excellent mind with an exceptional memory. I learn concepts easily and remember them for future use. When I meet people, I remember their names and where I know them from. I understand and have empathy for people. I have a gift for teaching in a mild calm spirit, simply explaining basic information in a manner that helps people learn well. I have a wonderful work ethic. I work hard and take pride in my accomplishments. As a result, I am financially productive and an independent self supportive woman. I can take care of myself and only desire a man for mutual companionship. I am a great mother and train my children well to have fulfilling, balanced, productive lives. There is no one like me in the world.

I am the one and only me.

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