Thursday, June 4, 2020

I AM Affirmations

I am gratefully appreciating the abundance I have and continually share my blessings with others

I crave and eat vibrant food full of nutrition

I am conscience of my water intake and love to drink clean healthy water

I am creating a feeling of peace and balance to enhance my sleep routine

I am reaching out to my family and friends to nurture their souls and spirits

I crave movement and regularly get my body moving

I am joyful within my surroundings and create peace and balance in my home

I am fulfilling my purpose of nurturing everyone around me and appreciating the earths resources

I radiate good health

I am strong, agile, balanced, healthy, vital, surefooted, active, and healthy.

Every cell in my body is conscious and connected to the Divine creative source.

My body knows how to keep me healthy, vigorous, energetic, and full of vitality.

I am in tune with my body, responding to its signals and let it guide me to better health.

I am 160 pounds on November 7 2020 for my daughters wedding.

I move my magnificent body everyday to build strength, flexibility, and grace.

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