Sunday, May 31, 2020

I Am Grateful4

I hope you enjoy the new part of the BreathAliento blog with the page Grateful4

Part of my growth as an author, blogger, is the ability to appreciate the talents that have been bestowed upon me. It is in appreciation, recognition, and developing these talents that they continue to grow and expand. Also it has been definitive shifts in perception which can be directly related to cleaning out old blocks of untrue limiting beliefs that were held since childhood. This process of re-writing beliefs has been the most liberating, exuberance of blissful relief.

It was at one point unimaginable to feel this grand connection to blessings that I was endowed with from the inception of my existence. Now, it is incredible to feel worthy of these gifts that are intrinsic to my being. This is why till I expire, I will herald with my breath, from my flesh, all my essence, toward this gift of sharing creative spirit. This page will dedicate the appreciation and record the journey of affirmation to creation. The journey of BreathAliento.

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